Digital Theatre in Virtual Reality (DTVR) is an interdisciplinary performing art (theatre and dance) incorporating several media.
The development of the project integrates creative web design and multimedia programming.
The Digital Theatre project will establish a multi-lingual, European theatre portal in the Internet, something which has not existed up to now. The qualitative difference to temporary live broadcasts of theatre performances in the Internet (streaming) is that this is internationally navigable Theatre that is genuinely located in the Internet.
As "virtual theatre," it is aimed at both culturally and technically interested audiences, with the special goal of awakening young people's interest in the theatre through modern technology. The project sees itself as research into medial expressions for
the future of theatre in the age of the Internet. Video and film shoots with dancers and actors are incorporated into the project with the goal of gaining image and sound material.
A digital net version of Heinz Grasmück's choreographic work based on Thomas Mann's Der Zauberberg (The Magic Mountain), augmented by a production in Portugal, will be developed and serve as a model for future projects. The complete web application will then be presented to audiences as an interactive event at Podewil in Berlin as an expression of contemporary art.

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